SKYBAR JAMBOREE // The WarmUp Edition

04/03/2023 6:00 pm - 04/03/2023 11:00 pm

St. Andrea Wine&Skybar

2023-ban új eseménysorozatot indítunk a St. Andrea Wine&Skybarban: legyél ott a legenda születésénél - március 4-én debütál a SKYBAR JAMBOREE!

Szombat este 19.30-tól a bakelitkirály DJ Gálik Béla zenél, egész este hódít a polip taco és fürdik a szarvasgombában a Dirty Fries, elsőként mutatkozik be új, signature koktélunk, 22.00-kor pedig free champagne session jelzi majd: vége az üldögélésnek, kezdődik a buli - a jelszó pedig így hangzik: +20% hangerő.

Asztalfoglalás ajánlott és egy kis emlékeztető: a menő arcok a bárpultnál kezdenek!

Asztalfoglalás itt!


In 2023, St. Andrea Wine&Skybar starts a new series of events: be there at the birth of the legend... on March 4, the SKYBAR JAMBOREE will debut!

This Saturday night the king of vinyl, DJ Béla Gálik plays music from 7:30 p.m., you will be tempted by octopus tacos and Dirty Fries bathed in truffles all night! Our new signature cocktail is introduced first this night, and at 10 p.m. a free champagne session will signal: chair warming is over, leeeet's party.

Reservations are recommended and a little reminder: cool faces start at the bar! 




1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 5

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 15:00—24:00
Sunday: 15:00—22:00



Dress code: casual

With a casual and neat attire matching the style of St. Andrea Wine & Skybar, our guests respect the place and their fellow guests. Please choose your attire accordingly.


Please note that groups of 10 people and more are subject to a minimum consumption per person, which is 10.000,-Ft/person + service charge. 

Safety and legal information

Please note that the Skybar terrace may only be used at your own risk and with due regard for the safety of others. St. Andrea Wine & Skybar accepts no liability whatsoever for any accident or damage caused by a violation of the rules of conduct. Please be aware that if your behavior threatens the physical safety of others or causes harm to others (e.g. dropping or deliberately throwing any objects from the terrace), Skybar will immediately report this to the authorities.