St. Andrea Wine&Skybar: A LOVE STORY

14/02/2023 7:00 pm - 14/02/2023 10:00 pm

St. Andrea Wine&Skybar

On Valentine's Day, St. Andrea Wine&Skybar suprises you with a classic love story: our guests can spend the evening of February 14 with us, from the meeting to the sweet farewell. This evening, we celebrate the most beautiful moments of life with fabulous champagnes and wines, a food line that affects all the senses, live music and Budapest, which lies at our feet.




Oyster, green apple, passion fruit, borage flower

St Andrea Special Blanc 2017 


Red crab ceviche, dashi, salmon caviar, pomeloobsessionor

Dödölle, creme fraiche with fried onions 


Deer tenderloin, roasted shiitake with marrow, celery, pine emulsionor

Grilled cabbage, vegetable rolls with capia pepper sauce 


Black sesame ice cream, candied kumquat, kalamata crumble


The price of the four-course meal is HUF 23,000, which includes the service fee. In the evening, you can choose our wines, champagnes and Valentine's Day cocktails from our drinks menu. From 19.30 you can live music.  Restaurant manager Miklós Lizsicsár, sommelier Oszvald Berényi and bartender Péter Veres take care of the comfort of our guests.  

Recommended arrival time: 19.00, dinner starts at 19.30.

The table reservation becomes final with the purchase of the ticket




1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 5

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 15:00—24:00
Sunday: 15:00—22:00



Dress code: casual

With a casual and neat attire matching the style of St. Andrea Wine & Skybar, our guests respect the place and their fellow guests. Please choose your attire accordingly.


Please note that groups of 10 people and more are subject to a minimum consumption per person, which is 10.000,-Ft/person + service charge. 

Safety and legal information

Please note that the Skybar terrace may only be used at your own risk and with due regard for the safety of others. St. Andrea Wine & Skybar accepts no liability whatsoever for any accident or damage caused by a violation of the rules of conduct. Please be aware that if your behavior threatens the physical safety of others or causes harm to others (e.g. dropping or deliberately throwing any objects from the terrace), Skybar will immediately report this to the authorities.